There's a group of people who are every bit as important to Callaghan Valley Cross Country as the skiers, and they also have just as much fun: The Event Volunteers.


Why Do They Do It?

Because it's a unique chance to meet lots of wonderful people, pick up some skills, and feel good about contributing to a great sport. You're provided with a tasty lunch and have the opportunity to win super draw prizes from our sponsors.

Who Can Volunteer?

You or someone you know is a prime candidate for this highly rewarding opportunity. Events of this size are dependent on the valiant efforts of hundreds of friendly and resourceful people. It’s perfect for friends or family of skiers, or anyone who wants to combine an adventurous experience with the spirit of volunteerism. Even kids and teens can get involved!

We can use all types of skills, not only during the event, but also beforehand to plan and promote the event. Click here to see a summary of the different volunteers and to get an idea of where you might be able to help out.

Become a Volunteer

You don't need to be a skier and you don't need any experience to start. Please see our Events page for a list of upcoming and past events hosted by CVXC at Whistler Olympic Park.

If you would like more information or have specific questions about volunteering please e-mail volunteer@callaghanxcski.ca.