Whistler Olympic Park is located ten minutes off Highway 99 (turn left when heading towards Whistler from Vancouver), which connects the town of Squamish to the south with the town of Whistler to the north.

Just off highway 99 (turn right when heading towards Whistler from Vancouver) is the Whistler Athletes' Centre, consisting of a lodge and townhomes, and the HI-Whistler Canadian Hostel. These are your closest options. The best rates for accommodation in Whistler Creekside, where the closest accommodation in Whistler exists, and Squamish are available through Tourism Whistler.

Listed below are the details for booking accommodation.

  1. WHISTLER ATHLETES' CENTRE (25-35 min. to Whistler Olympic Park)

    Whistler Athletes' Lodge
    Reservations: 1-604-964-0052

    This is the closest lodging to Whistler Olympic Park but rooms fill quickly.

  2. HI-WHISTLER HOSTEL (25-35 min. to Whistler Olympic Park)

    HI-Whistler Canadian Hostel
    Reservations: 1-866-762-4122

  3. WHISTLER CREEKSIDE (30-40 min. to Whistler Olympic Park)

    The Creekside area of Whistler is the closest accommodation to Whistler Olympic Park in Whistler itself. Go to the Tourism Whistler website to search for accommodation in the Whistler region.

  4. SQUAMISH - EXECUTIVE SUITES (45-55 min. to Whistler Olympic Park)

    Executive Suites Squamish 

    The Executive Suites is the CVXC preferred accommodation in Squamish. Click here to see the details of the special rates for the NorAms.

    To book, call the hotel at 1-877-815-0048  or email and ask for the "Nordic" rate.

  5. SQUAMISH (45-60 min. to Whistler Olympic Park)

    Squamish is situated between Vancouver and Whistler. See the Tourism Squamish website for lodging options there.